About me

Born in the 1960’s…well 1960… in good ol’ Yorkshire, England, always had horses, worked as a graphic artist/photographer before venturing out to Australia in my early 30’s.

Continuing with my love for horses I moved to acres and started painting, horses mainly, and so it continues…


“Give me space …lots of space, la la la la la la la!”

I need my own space!!!! Since being a little kid at home I always searched for my own little bit of space in the house or the shed outside well now…I have it!

The woman’s cave or Hen Den – yes well that is what it has become…my Studio. Filled with all of my favourite things from teacups and saucers to the sounds of Glen Miller and Ella Fitzgerald.

Everything old and recycled with a story to tell. That is what my shed is about …where I can be myself, make as much as a mess as I like, throw a log on the fire, play the music I like…as loud as I like, paint, have a laugh..la, la la la la!!!

But I like to share!….so join me…
Little River Studios is a place where you can come and learn more…isn’t that what it’s all about? I love learning new things!

Be inspired by fabulous tutors who will share their knowledge and techniques. You’ll be inspired by the person painting next to you. It’s a buzz! Come and give it a go. No matter how new to art you are, you will not feel intimidated, but inspired by others who are just like you!